OK…you get it.

Self Storage is a great opportunity for someone like you.

You like everything you have heard and seen about the opportunity self storage is, and you are all in.

You may have even started looking, even seen a few on line. Perhaps you have physically looked at one and have the information.

Now what?

Is this the best one out there for me? Should I still keep looking? What if I mess this first one up? What if I mess up the next one I buy?

This may or may not be your conversation, but it was mine. Those were my exact thoughts and feelings. 

Every aspect of the process is covered, from where to find self storage, to what to look and ask for, to how to analyze, to how to negotiate, all the way to a closing table.

You can be in the self storage business sooner than you thought and with confidence because you purchased your first self storage facility the right way for the best price possible.

That is a powerful place to be.

Have you ever heard that money is made when you buy, not when you sell? Self-storage is no different. 

This is online, you can access it any time, from any device, use it as you go through each phase, have it support you from start to finish on the next facility you purchase.

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1. Overview - How to get the most out of it.

2. Your Business Plan – Includes handout to help take you through designing a strategy.

3. Where To Find A Facility – Includes a list of online locations we use to monitor the market, how to set auto-responders, and how to relate to real estate agents you find online.

4. What to Ask For – What information do you really need when looking at a facility.

5. How To Analyze – I know I can get boring sometimes on this subject, but it is critical. We go step by step analyzing a facility we actually made an offer on after I did that module.

6. How to Choose a Lender – Very critical. Without this money, most of us are dead in the water. This goes over what we present to them and one is attached as a sample for you to use.

7. How to Write An Offer – I am not a lawyer. I go over the spaces that are important from the Buyer’s perspective (leave the more boring legal stuff to your lawyer).

8. Due-Diligence Period – The way we go through the process and the spaces covered. Includes our due diligence checklist.

9. The Close – What to do two weeks, one week, 24 hours prior to the close. Then, congratulations! You have bought your first or next facility and are set up for big success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really work for me?

Yes! If you put what you learn into action, you'll be able to get the results that Mark Helm does as he'll share his exact process and steps, one by one.

What if I don't have a lot of money?

The beautiful thing about real estate is that you can either use your own or other people's money. It's not always about resources, but more so about resourcefulness and Mark Helm will show you how you can leverage both no matter how much money you have. 

I am not good with numbers. Can I still do it?

Mark claims that not only is he "not good with numbers" but he's actually probably worse than that. Yet, that hasn't stopped him from building an empire. Using the simple systems Mark's developed from over a decade in the industry, you can win at the game no matter what your knowledge base. 

Has Mark helped other people buy self-storage facilities?

Yes! Mark has directly helped many people buy their first facility, and many more maximize their earnings as he's worked with everyone from nothing to experienced experts. Since his first book, Creating Wealth Through Self-Storage, Mark has been answering many beginners' questions each week and knows that this product is exactly what is needed at the highest level.

How long will the course take?

It depends on how fast you go through things, but you should be going from wherever you are to closing on your first facility within the next 3 steps if you go through the steps outlined in detail. Just follow the road map and ask Mark and the others in the group questions along the way!