You are building your self-storage business, offering above-market returns to investors, and you are experiencing the freedom and fulfillment of running your own first-class enterprise can offer!

Investors win... Customers win...You win.

Is this the future you want to create?

The Fundrasing For The Small Self Storage Investor Course could be what you need

to take the next step in creating that future.

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The Fundraiser's Mindset

If you are like me and many others, you wonder "How in the world can I raise money?" "Where in the world do I even start?"

I learned to start here...creating a powerful mindset to overcome limiting beliefs we have about money, knowing people with money, and if we can succeed or not. I suggest the proper mindset is 80% of success.

Deal Structures

"What would a deal with investors even look like?"

That is what I asked myself when I got going.

There are a host of different deal structures & investor or partner relationship structures we can use. Learn which ones would work best for you based on your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and abilities.

Legal Knowledge Necessary

I learned we do not need to be a syndication expert. However, we will learn the difference between Reg. D & Reg. A syndications. We will know the proper team to put together to protect ourselves. We will have a general background on the history of investment regulations & laws. We will also learn what type of attorney to use and what type of syndication could work best for our particular deals.

Private Placement Documents

We will know about the documents needed for the various types of syndications or joint ventures and generally what is in them.

Working With Investors

I will share the 5 step system I use when finding and working with investors.

We will learn about our Ideal Investors, how to educate and nurture them, how to work with them after they invest, and how to maintain good ongoing relationships with them.

Oh yes, and what to present and how to present it when we have a deal for them to invest into.

Next Steps

We will lay out some immediate steps to take to get some fast wins and to start building your investor base.

Within a few days of completing the course, you can be working with potential investors.

A Word From Mark

“When I was getting into the self storage business, I needed to use investor money because I didn't have any. I learned a lot about fundraising through trial and error. Over the years, I learned a lot about the art of raising money and syndicating deals. Now, I want to share it with you.

I have spent almost a year putting this course together in an easy, digestible way. It is a big topic, but it is now in bite-size pieces you can understand and implement.

If you need to use other people’s money to get in or grow your self-storage business, but it seems overwhelming, scary, or unsure where to start, this is your course. "

Mark Helm - Author/Self Storage Owner/ Storage Coach

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